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5 Ideas for Luxury Days Out In Somerset

31st of January 2023

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Roman Baths in the City of Bath
Roman Baths in the City of Bath

Luxury and the UK have long been associated. From the opulence of London’s luxury fashion and A-lister scene to the sumptuous royal residencies of Edinburgh and beyond, each corner of the country has developed its reputation for luxury throughout history.

And the county of Somerset in the southwest of the UK is no exception, with a reputation for being the home to some of the country’s most luxurious destinations, activities and companies. From its luxurious accommodations to promenades lined with boutique shops and even the status it has as the home of some of the most famous designer fashion brands in the world, the county ticks all the boxes when it comes to being a location for luxury.

Those seeking a luxury day out whilst in this quintessential English county, will find that Somerset’s grandeur and splendour make it the perfect location to indulge in the opulent options on offer. Whether it be a day out in one of the UK’s most magnificent cities or a luxury train ride on one of the country’s lush steam railways, there’s a wide variety to choose from when you’re selecting luxurious and unique things to do in Somerset.

Should you be looking for somewhere to stay to make your luxury days out even more sumptuous, why not choose Newton Surmaville? Our 15,000ft stately home offers splendid grounds and views of the surrounding Somerset countryside. Dating back to the 1600s, the estate’s luxury has never withered and offers one of the most immaculate, and luxurious places to stay in the whole of the county. 

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best luxury days out in Somerset to give you some inspiration for some of the most extravagant things you can do whilst here. 

1. Visit Bath

Dating back to the Roman era, Bath has long had an association with luxury and still maintains its reputation as a destination of opulence. It was built by the Roman Empire as a location for relaxation and pleasure, thanks to its geothermal properties, which were taken advantage of with the creation of thermal baths.

Somewhat synonymous with luxury, Bath’s reputation as a high-class spa town with its historic sites and thermal baths has made it loved amongst UK residents and visitors from all over the world. Its Medieval and Georgian history has also formed its reputation as a luxury location, with some of the most stunning architecture in the country on display. This has been taken advantage of in various period dramas across the years, such as the likes of ‘Bridgerton’ and the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’. 

When considering what to do in Somerset if you wish to dabble in luxuries, Bath is the place to be.

Have Afternoon Tea at One of Bath’s Most Historic Sites

One of Bath’s most visited tourist attractions also makes for one of its most luxurious days out. The Roman Baths, constructed by the Roman empire and thought to have been completed in 235CE, ooze luxury. At the time, they were the most exclusive Roman baths ever constructed, and now, they are still some of the most famed in the world. 

Its impressive stone pillars and carefully built archways are a sight in themselves, but to truly indulge in its luxury, why not have an afternoon tea in the on-site pump room? 

Surrounded by over 2,000 years of history and phenomenal architecture, indulge in a delectable afternoon tea at The Pump Room Restaurant. This grand setting is a lovely location to indulge in this quintessential English custom whilst you enjoy your experience accompanied by a symphony of classical music as you dine.

2. Savour Somerset Cider

Well known for its cider production, the western area of England has long been the region home to some of the best quality ciders in the world. And when considering which county truly takes the biscuit for this, it is undoubtedly Somerset.

Somerset’s cider-making has been dated back to the 11th century, and now, the county ties with Herefordshire as the largest cider producer in the country. So, it’s without a doubt that a visit to Somerset isn’t complete without sampling some of its finest crops. 

The county is brimming with cider orchards, filled with rows of delicious apple trees, which begin to be harvested at the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. 

Those who want to sample some of the best of Somerset’s annual crop can do so at any time of year, whether amid the harvest season, whilst visiting in the spring as the apple blossoms emerge, or otherwise. So, move over wine, because here in Somerset, you’ll be raving about tasting the little bit of luxury that is some of the UK’s, and Europe’s, finest ciders instead! 

Some of the county’s highest-quality orchards and cider farms are open to visitors to experience one of the best days out in Somerset for adults. For example, Torre Cider Farm offers multi-award winning cider, having won gold at the Bath and West British Cider Championships in 2022. 

With 20 different varieties of apple trees in its orchards, you can enjoy a secluded saunter through its farmlands to see exactly where its crop comes from. Also home to a farmhouse kitchen serving only the best of locally sourced produce from Somerset suppliers that you can sample in a range of sumptuous meals there and then for yourself.

3. Go Cheese Tasting at Cheddar Gorge 

There are other Somerset days out that are perfect for foodies, and visiting one of the county’s alternative food-oriented attractions is another fantastic option when it comes to unique things to do in Somerset.

You may be surprised to hear that Somerset is as famous for its cheese as it is for its cider, specifically its cheddar. The English county is the birthplace of this popular type of cheese, which originates from the town of the same name. You’ll find it to be a firmly featured favourite on charcuterie and cheese boards around the country.

If you’re a cheese lover there’s no doubt that sampling some of the best, and therefore most luxurious, cheddar cheese whilst you’re in Somerset is one of the best ideas for a fun day out. 

At Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, for example, visitors to the county can pay a stop at one of the best artisanal cheesemakers, and the only company still producing cheese in the town of Cheddar in Somerset. 

The company even ages its cheese inside Gough’s Cave, located in Cheddar Gorge itself on the Mendip Hills, stretching to depths of 115m and lengths of 3.4km! For those intrigued by the cheddaring process, the company allows its visitors to explore Gough’s Cave for themselves, and even get a hands-on experience learning about the process during an interactive tour. 

And the pièce de résistance is the cheese-tasting experience. Tuck into numerous signature cheddars produced on-site by the company to taste the luxury of Somerset’s best cheeses for yourself.

4. Enjoy One of the UK’s Most Luxurious Railway Journeys

For those who seek luxury days out in Somerset in more than just one place, exploring the county via one of its railways is a fantastic way to experience Somerset for all it has to offer but from the comforts of a plush velvet armchair. 

Onboard one of the Belmond British Pullman trains, which journey from Penzance to Somerset, you can indulge in the blissful setting of one of the UK’s most prestigious trains, taking you to Britain’s longest standard gauge heritage railways. 

Your carriage offers breathtaking views of Somerset and Southern English countryside en route and showcases exquisite art deco interiors that truly make you feel like you’re surrounded by nothing short of luxury. 

Offering a round trip travelling from the Cornish city to Somerset, you can savour fine dining, drinking, and a delectable 4-course dinner during your trip as you weave through the charming countryside scenes of Somerset, filled with rolling vistas and blissful coastline.

The experience not only offers luxury but also offers a fresh perspective of Somerset that others may not necessarily consider. So, onboard, why not raise a glass (of champagne, no less!) to your trip on the luxury British Pullman locomotive; one of the best days out in Somerset that you shouldn’t hesitate to consider during your next visit.

5. See a Show At The Octagon Theatre, Yeovil 

For those who seek to dabble in the arts and theatre of Somerset county, one of the unrivalled destinations to do so is the Octagon theatre. 

Located in Yeovil, the fourth largest town in the county, The Octagon Theatre is South Somerset’s premier theatre, hosting the most exceptional of the county’s family entertainment, shows, concerts, music events, and more.

Seating 622 individuals in its plush interior, its auditorium has exceptional acoustics, as well as stage and technical facilities that allow it to accommodate some of the best productions and artists. 

Meaning that those who seek only the best of Somerset’s arts and theatre scene can do so at this brilliant performing arts venue. You’ll find something on at every time of year here, from pantomimes to encore-worthy performances from local casts in musical shows, year-round there is something for everyone making it one of the best ideas for days out in the county. 


Somerset is not short of luxurious offerings to suit its guests with a taste for the finer things in life. From scenic railroad journeys hosted in elegant locomotives to scenic days out in some of the country’s opulent cities, we hope our guide has highlighted a small handful of Somerset days out that you may consider during your next trip. 

And what better way to end your day out than with a stay in one of Somerset’s most luxurious stately homes here at Newton Surmaville? Set within our magnificent grounds and offering only the height of luxury during your stay, you can contact a member of our team to learn more about booking a trip with us to make your luxury getaway as luxurious as possible.

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